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Business Analysis

Compliance check. Market Analysis. Business Plan.

First things first – before you start investing in these markets, we need to make sure that your manufacturing sites and products comply with the regulatory requirements. If potential challenges exist, we would rather identify and resolve them at and early stage.

Once we are satisfied with the compliance check, we will then take a closer look at where the commercial opportunities, and present these in a Business Plan and P&L.




Internal Analysis

  • Review of your company, products and regulatory status.

External Analysis

  • Overview of the Middle East and African pharma markets : Regulatory requirements, patent legislation, competitor environment, etc.
  • Finding your opportunities with a competitor & product analysis.

SWOT Analysis

Strategic options and selection :

  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • 5 Year Plan / Budget
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Access a total potential market of 850,000,000 people

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