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Regulatory Support

Helping you make sense of it all...

Entering unfamiliar territory can be daunting, and trying to get to grips with a variety of regulatory requirements and procedures is no less so.

Menapharm has the regulatory expertise to make the registration process less of a headache. Our aim is to roll up our sleeves and get involved in the compilation of the dossiers prior to submission, thereby reducing the need for dedicated regulatory capacity from our customer. We can get the job done faster, saving our customer both time and money.

Regulatory support services include :

  • Review of individual regulatory requirements per market
  • Compliance check
  • Classification check
  • Regional & national regulatory strategy options
  • Assistance with compilation of site and product dossiers
  • Submission and follow-up until approval
  • Variations & renewals

Receive guidance and hands-on support from our network of regulatory experts

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